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The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, #3)

The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles, #3) - Rick Riordan
The Serpent's Shadow is a solid, fun conclusion to Rick Riordan's Egyptian version of mythology brought into the modern world. It also hints that possibly in the future there could be some Demigods and Magicians meeting up (and possibly could we see the Norse demigods featuring also?). I will admit that when it comes to children's fiction I love Rick Riordan's work. It's entertaining, features ideas and elements I love in fantasy and generally does what strong children's fiction should - be applicable for adults to read.

The narration in his Egyptian series hasn't interested me so much as other series I will admit. Where Percy Jackson hit a balance between appealing to a juvenile and older crowd, I've always felt that his Egyptian series pushed a little more toward the child crowd or even to the dreaded new YA fiction 'genre'. That all said and done, I will always be amused by the combination of humour and energy Riordan brings to these series. It's hard not to imagine him being a great teacher simply from the exuberant nature of his work.

As for plot? Well, like some of the graphic novels and other fantasy or science fiction works I've read I find it hard to discuss the plot. Simply suffice that it involves some quests, romantic resolutions and plenty of twists with Riordan working the suspense angles as hard as he can. If you've read the previous novels you will want to read on and finish it, because this is pretty decent if not full of 'wow - mindblown' moments. It's clean, friendly, good old fashioned fun. And in an era where fantasy is dominated by the dark side it's refreshing to go and read these fun tales. Which are also educative. I've never been huge on Egyptain mythology so I learnt plenty about it from reading these novels.