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Revenge of the Witch - Joseph Delaney, Patrick  Arrasmith
As Goodreads has grown it seems there are more and more people looking for recommendations for YA series in a similar vein to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. As you can guess from the tangent I'm making: this is one of those books.

If you're not into Dark Young Adult Fantasy then it may take you a minute to adjust to this book. And I must warn you that the series gets darker and darker - highlighting the 'adult' part of young adult. But all that said, there is a film adaptation on the way, along with the final book and the series constantly has heroes which are good despite certain compromises.

In fact, it is the battle between what is 'good' and 'evil' (characterised by Light and Dark) which drives the entire series. At times compromises are made for the good of the world in which the series is set and at times evil seems to win out with good finally triumphing at a cost. Yet, the storytelling is not found in the final foregone conclusions. It is found in the ability of Joseph Delaney to spin and hold the reader with twists and turns. It is the suspenseful atmosphere and the horror of the tale which are the true hallmarks of a great storyteller. In short it is a wonderfully written series of stories.

Fully recommended for those looking for the next Young Adult series that they haven't read yet. In this particular novel you will meet the characters - for the most part; be introduced to some key secrets; meet a couple of the villains (witches) and in general get a real taste for the wonderfully spooky world-building of Delaney. This is the perfect mature, subtle and brilliant young adult series in my view that is remarkably, wonderfully consistent in its brilliance.