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Fables Vol. 16: Super Team - Bill Willingham
Fables Volume 16 immediately tells you from the cover that it must be a superhero volume. Which makes one (or at least made me) a little squeamish. How can the writers successfully mix together superheroes and the fairytale genre? As it turns out, but using the idea of superheroes as a little gimmick or side idea to the main twist and revelation in this story.

This features (as far as I know) the final confrontation with Mr Dark which does involve the superhero theme. But as far as that goes I'll leave you to read the collection and find out for yourself. All I will say is that it turns out to be very interesting in my view and that this volume, to me, turns out to be more invested in the relationship between Bigby and his father rather than anything else. It also seems to feature more of a look into Flycatcher's kingdom as well as an interesting perspective from Mr Dark.

Again, a strong graphic novel in a fine series with few blemishes. Definitely recommended by myself as one of the smartest graphic novels around and a clear winner with critics and award committees.