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Amulet, Vol. 4: The Last Council - Kazu Kibuishi
Finally, a much better and more fulfilling addition to the series. Much of the previously awkward dialogue and the flaws that kept me from rating the previous novels higher has been smoothed over here to allow for a more polished work of manga.

It does help the cause of these books when I can read them in thirty minutes (I know this for a fact because I finished one last night during my thirty minute break). So, perhaps one of the reasons for my disappointment in the past was the sense of awkward pacing in the previous books. That, thankfully, seems to have been resolved here. The artwork is still gorgeous. The characters and plot are still interesting, and the minor issues have been more or less smoothed over.

This book follows Emily and her brother Navin as they find themselves entering the city in the clouds: Cielis. Cielis is meant to be a paradise of a city, but it turns out that something sinister in relation to the magic of the stonekeeper stones is hiding at the city's centre. In this way the writers play on and use nicely the typical cliches about paradises being haunted or made dark by evil. It all adds to make a story that is perfect for the young adult intended audience.

Stand by for a review of volume five later on as I read and review it to catch up to the books already out and available to me in the series...