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A Crown of Swords  - Robert Jordan
3.5 Stars

A Crown of Swords hints at the beginning of the slow and poorer sections of The Wheel of Time Series. Its slower pace, rushed ending and tendency to throw up characters, ideas and plot points with the promise that 'they'll be important later' highlight all the major flaws of these books. However despite the flaws the book retains some strong pacing, the writing on the whole seemed more ironed out and the characters remain fascinating depictions.

These books will never be classics like the works of Tolkien, Asimov or Heinlein. However they retain their own charm and unique ideas that make them compulsive reading and books full of characters. In my view, The Wheel of Time is the greatest fantasy series I have read. If not for their page number and the fact that they feature a massive, sweeping world, then for their magical ideas. Others argue that [b:A Game of Thrones|13496|A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)|George R.R. Martin|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1330834644s/13496.jpg|1466917] is the great fantasy work of our lifetime. I respectfully disagree as I see very little magic, charm or redemption in it. Yes, it is interesting to read that book but it lacks for me when compared to other fantasy works. I must also admit that I am yet to really get into the Malazan books but no doubt they will become the greatest fantasy series I have read.

I do recommend these again, so long as readers understand what they are getting into. It may not be a great literary novel series but it's entertaining and does a great job of stirring the imagination. And who says that an entertaining novel isn't a good book in its own way?