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Spellbound (Spell 2) - Blake Charlton Well what can I say.

Normally I'm reluctant to go the full five stars with a book (well, not that reluctant but I rarely give entire series all fives unless I absolutely love them). However when I finished this brilliant follow up to Spellwright I had to award another five stars.

Blake Charlton may not be receiving the accolades of Pat Rothfuss but I would encourage every true fantasy lover to engage in this series and read it. Both are equally deserving up and comers in the genre from what I've read of their work.

Spellwright as a debut novel introduced a fascinating magic system whereby magicians cause spells to be made in various muscles. Different spells are framed in different languages that affect different substances. Some work only in fire, metal, cloth or in darkness but all perform the tasks magicians spell out. So then basically into this world is introduced the cacographers. Those who mispell all text they touch. And the hero of the first novel and this subsequent volume is an extremely powerful cacographer. His journey was plotted out in the first of the series.

This the second book is very well written and also excellently plotted, clearly thought through. There is the clever introduction of new characters and characters are transformed from the form in which they were introduced in the first book. I did not enjoy this as much as I did the first (it was not as unique) but from the point of view of continuing the story it was brilliant nonetheless. I'm very grateful this was written and that I managed to find it.

From a literary point of view this as a tale is a journey of discovery. As the protagonist of the previous book adjusts to his new abilities, seeking fulfilment in the full recovery of his faculties. And ultimately recognising that fulfilment is closer at hand.

If you love fantasy and haven't begun this series you're missing out. I for one cannot wait for the next book.