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Citadel - John Ringo
Since Citadel is the second in a series the first question that must be answered is: Is is as good as the first? Well yes and no. In many ways it's better in other's it is worse. Ringo certainly toned down the comedy aspects of the first book and so it was less fun and original as a book. But as a follow up it was still excellent.

Citadel zooms in to focus on a new set of characters who are taking up positions working on the Troy. Which is basically an asteroid hollowed out into a massive battle station. For anyone wondering why Earth needs a battlestation that was covered in book 1. Basically aliens put a stargate inj our solar system which we are not allowed to block or destroy even if there is some cosmic threat. Of course we can build an array of solar mirrors and have a giant battleship. That's fine...

A good and solid continuation of the series that focuses on the details of running a battle station while still having grand fun with a massive set of battles. This series is definitely recommended to anyone who likes action adventure and science fiction colliding paths. Particularly military sci-fi.