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The Lost World and Other Thrilling Tales - Philip Gooden,  Arthur Conan Doyle
As a classic of action/adventure I really enjoyed this novel. However the accompanying short stories were less to my appreciation as they were in no means memorable.

The prose of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is magnificent although I must admit I prefer the style he adopts for his Sherlock Holmes stories. Here again he introduces another character who, like Holmes, is a kind of sociopath in many regards. Which makes me question what that says about the author when he creates memorable and anti-social characters...

The adventure in this story is high class, built up by the incredible use of various words, phrases and descriptions. It appears that Arthur Conan Doyle knows what he's talking about when he refers to various guns, contraptions and environments. Plus his research extends to various scientific theories in both The Lost World and The Poison Belt which were the two enjoyable stories in this short collection.

If you've enjoyed stories such as Journey to the Centre of the Earth then The Lost World would likely be enjoyable to you. You would also likely enjoy it if you appreciate the tales of Sherlock Holmes. However as mentioned the style of writing is slightly different (and less enjoyable) because Doyle writes in a different genre here. Still on the whole this book was very worthwhile reading.