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I'm a long time reader - since way back when I was seven. That makes it over three quarters of my life that I will be a reader for. But it is worth it. When I'm not reading or wasting my time online on here or Goodreads I'll be off playing video games, studying teaching and messing around with friends and pop culture. Or reading some more.
Avengers, Vol. 2 - Brian Michael Bendis A highly entertaining and rollicking read. This may not match a four star classic novel in depth but it sure can equal it in terms of entertainment. And that is ultimately how I judge a book - by how much fun I had reading it. Everything else is just an additive to the book generally. Of course that is not to say that when I read a book full of depth I will naturally disregard it if it lacked as much of the enjoyment factor.

Those who are comics/graphic novel fans/who-cares-about-labelling will enjoy this one. It has a great assortment of some of the greatest heroes, a rollicking plot with some interesting twists. I won't spoil it but I will mention that it centres around the infinity gems. If that isn't enough for diehard fans to want to read then well - what will? For those who are wondering the infinity gems may just play a part in the next Avengers film if you've been to see the first already.

And that is all I have to say about this. An entertaining if short graphic novel with some great illustration. Marvel fans look for it with diligence (if you have a friend named diligence...)