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I'm a long time reader - since way back when I was seven. That makes it over three quarters of my life that I will be a reader for. But it is worth it. When I'm not reading or wasting my time online on here or Goodreads I'll be off playing video games, studying teaching and messing around with friends and pop culture. Or reading some more.

Animated Movies and Characters...

I know this site is specifically called Book-likes, however I feel that one can talk about some films within the bounds of literature regardless. So what I wish to talk about right now, is a film that I fell in love with today when I visited the cinema (this act of visiting the cinema has become an addictive habit I must admit) called Frozen. 

Now I've been a big fan of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios all my life, I've fallen in love with so many different animated films that it's crazy. After watching Frozen I want to reflect on how Disney have approached their characters and adaptations of fairytales in general. Then at the bottom I will have a list of my favourite animated films of which Frozen must now take a prominent place. Part of that reason is to thanks to this particular song: Let it Go (which I believe should get the Oscar nod for best song in a film, alongside the Oscar for best animated film). The other main reason that I loved the film is the characters and plot.

Let me for a moment then talk about the characters, which is what inspired me to consider writing this blog post. The original story, The Snow Queen is what inspired the film, and in that story as I recall the characters were one brother and sister, with the boy falling into the hands of the Snow Queen and ending up with a piece of magical ice in his eye which causes him to become frozen with his heart. This leads to the sister going on some kind of quest and finding that her love is what can save her brother. Or something more or less to that effect.

What Disney do with the movie is to take this concept, turn the brother and sister into two sisters, each of whom are princesses. You are shown the childhoods of these two close sisters, who become separated by the powers of Elsa, the older sister. This creates two different types of characters. There is Elsa who hides herself away from the world, fearful of the damage her icy magic could cause. Then there is feisty, tomboy Ana, who is afraid of doors and being closeted and wants only to give her love freely and easily. The comparison of characters is one of different fears versus different loves and shows that fear truly is the opposite of love. On the whole they are both strong female characters who improve the already interesting fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. What I really wanted to say (aside from: watch it if you haven't) is that I believe one of the best things needed for characters are two characters who can play off each other with their differences and this is what Frozen delivers.

Top 15 Favourite Animated Movies

15. Mulan: The only proper cartoon on this list, Mulan is by far my favourite of the classic Disney animated films for its story, strong main character and wonderful supporting characters. It also has great songs
14. Despicable Me: Just a good fun film with themes and ideas about family and what it is to be good or bad.
13. Ice Age: Another interesting film that is often overlooked as a very decent animated film, because like Toy Story it was one of those that opened the doors for better animated films to be made.
12. Toy Story 3: The highest grossing animated film of all time, Toy Story 3 is one of those films that plays on nostalgia and everything else perfectly. It's also a great way to write a sequel for anyone who ever wants to analyse a film a touch more closely with how it plays on the various themes and ideas.  
11. Up: Just one of the sweetest animated films ever made and with one of the best romance stories - all within the first twenty minutes. 
10. Shrek: Another ground-breaking animated film, with a very clever play on the typical damsel in distress scenario and fairytale story. 
9. Toy Story: As perfect a film as Toy Story is, it is not my favourite animated movie

8. The Iron Giant: The Iron Giant is often forgotten when it comes to animated films but it is such a well made film with a very sympathetic main character and as such is one to look out for if you've never watched it.
7. Finding Nemo: Who would have thought the appeal a film about a fish travelling from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney could have? However, at its heart this is about a father looking for and wanting to protect his son. 
6. Frozen: Enjoyable for all the reasons mentioned above...
5. Tangled: Similarly enjoyable to the reasons mentioned for Frozen, with a feisty heroine and side characters.
4. A Bugs Life: One of Pixar's finest and one that my sister loved to watch over and over again...
3. Wreck It Ralph: In my eyes, the most original concept since Monsters Inc. this had heart, soul, characters and plenty of themes and more depth than just the initial draw of it being a video game inspired film.
2. Monsters Inc: One of the most original concepts to be made into a movie and one of the game-changers as a result, inspiring me as a twelve year old and beyond...
1. The Incredibles: I think of it as one of the top two superhero movies I have seen in terms of what it does for the genre. It has humour, characters, deep themes, twists and all the elements of a great story.