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Ironic Contradictions

I'm a long time reader - since way back when I was seven. That makes it over three quarters of my life that I will be a reader for. But it is worth it. When I'm not reading or wasting my time online on here or Goodreads I'll be off playing video games, studying teaching and messing around with friends and pop culture. Or reading some more.

New Blog Post

I guess this explains my worldview at the moment. Also in other news I've been busy with my school placement and reading/buying books from time to time as I can... http://jterrington22.blogspot.com.au/2015/08/what-is-christian-to-do-in-world-that.html
I discovered the cool website that is bitly by the way for shortening urls. This above becomes: http://bit.ly/1gZuqPu