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The Avengers: Mythos

Avengers: Mythos - Paul Jenkins, Paolo Manuel Rivera
For those readers unfamiliar with any of the origins stories of the Avengers, this would be the perfect entry style novel. Want to familiarise yourself with the Captain America, Thor and Hulk backstories after having seen The Avengers in cinemas? Start here. Want to learn about Ant Man, Wasp, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch before they hit cinemas in the future? Start here.

Avengers: Mythos is a mixture of different stand alone origin stories, artwork styles and themes. On their own each story provides a new approach to the old and already familiar stories, touching on different themes. With Captain America the reader is shown how the character is rooted in history, old fashioned chivalry, nostalgia and patriotism. With Thor the reader observes the mythic nature of the heroes of the Marvel universe. With Hulk there is the sense that he stems from the psychological failings of Bruce Banner, a kind of werewolf-meets-Mr-Hyde transformation. With Ant Man and Wasp there is the sense that scientific preoccupations and pain lead to the heroic transformations of the original man and woman. With the two mutants, the reader sees that being outcasts leads Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to seek acceptance with those who are similarly outcast. And with Luke Cage the reader sees, again, the rebel outsider turned hero.

On the whole an interesting approach to the characters and one certainly again recommended for those new to the Marvel comics universe. It really shows the aspects of these comics that I like: the large worldbuilding and interconnectedness of the characters, while the stories are all at a level that allow for easy engagement with the readers and difficult issues.