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The Book of Three (Chronicles of Prydain) (French Edition)

The Book Of Three (Chronicles Of Prydain) - Lloyd Alexander 3.5 stars

I believe wholeheartedly that C.S.Lewis got it right when he said that a book not worth reading as an adult should not be read when a child. Yet it seems a preoccupation of children's writers (I excuse picture book writers in general) to create stories only children can read. This is an exception and hence a very fine work of children's fiction.

While I found the start of the book rushed and the writing less than exceptional I was drawn quickly into this book. I felt early on that the world of Prydain was hurriedly created yet Lloyd Alexander swiftly put those fears to rest as he drew his story. A story that reads (as I hope was intended) as a modern fairytale for children and their parents.

I perceive that this book and its mythology would be perfect entertainment for all ages. With only two hundred pages it, like the Hobbit, is a book that can be enjoyed in one sitting or a few short sittings with relative ease. However do not approach this book expecting the next Lord of the Rings for children. After all The Lord of the Rings is accessible for children in itself (that's when I first read it - although I was hardly a normal child when it came to reading). No this is more a book that hits the mark in entertainment, making a quick and hard hitting impact upon its readers.

So on the whole I encourage fantasy lovers enjoy this as a quick read that while written for children is equally open for adult readers. Despite its lack of depth this story is built up with action and that is why it is worth three and a half stars for standing out enough above the other books I have liked. I presume the following books may be even better.