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The Spook's Blood (The Last Apprentice / Wardstone Chronicles, #10) - Joseph Delaney
I have mentioned before my personal rating system which kind of goes 'stars for however I felt about that book.' And of course there is adjustment in this system for different genres as I tend to like books differently within genres and rate them differently for each genre. So my system tends to be very much a patchwork of up and down ratings. Now why am I beginning my review with this? Well I actually didn't have a reason I thought it would be a good thing to throw in there and test my readers...

No I joke! I put that in there to provide an indication as to how I feel about the entire Spook's Apprentice Series (also known as the Wardstone Chronicles). They're pretty good books, I've enjoyed them overall but I consistently give four stars merely because I do not like them as much as YA fiction like Percy Jackson, Mortal Engines or Ranger's Apprentice.

The plot of The Spook's Blood again delves into darker territory, following the idea I believe that most readers of this fiction started as younger children (say 12 or 11) and now would be 15/16, engaged in watching many mature movies and playing mature video games. This book features lots of blood, what else can you expect from a book that focuses on the conflict between the Spook and Tom and a vampire god. And the fact that it's called The Spook's Blood is no giveaway at all...

Anyway while this is a solid continuation of the series (and we are nearing the end at last) it's not exactly a ground-breaking entry. At this point things seem to be more or less serving the purpose of trying to bring everything to a conclusion. It's definitely only worth reading if you've gone through all the previous books. But if you liked them you'll probably like this book too.