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An Entertaining Predictable Conclusion

Dust - Hugh C. Howey


I love twists in my fiction. But sometimes a twist isn't the most important thing to have in a story. When the twist is all that a story revolves around, that it doesn't survive without the twist, that twist becomes nothing more than a pivoting gimmick. The reason I point this out right now is because I want to indicate that while the ending to this Wool trilogy is predictable, it is still entertaining and meaningful.

It might be that I'm fresh off catching some fire with the second Hunger Games movie (which was incredibly good) but this conclusion reminded me of a more mature Hunger Games. Not in any of the plot details or the characters, but more the tempo and tone - things which I loved while reading the Hunger Games books.

While I found this book more about filling in the gaps and wrapping everything up, to someone else there may be a few revelations. The real quality of the book therefore, came not from what happened with the plot, but more about the deeper meanings. In this book there is the opportunity for individuals to be free from the constraints of their social rules and laws, but many just want to remain with what they know, not what makes them free. Which leads one to consider the long known idea that it is not physical chains or cages that truly bind but the cages of the mind and heart!

I may appear to be a little cryptic on this novel, but I doubt I can say anything without truly spoiling the reading experience. Take it from me, if you were a fan of the other two books you won't be so utterly disappointed in this novel, but you may not enjoy it so much as the previous works. You may find yourself thinking that it was a rather obvious ending. But sometimes it's not about how obvious the ending is as much as how it was told...