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A Blindingly Superior Sequel

The Blinding Knife - Brent Weeks

A superior novel to the first for certain, The Blinding Knife develops and improves the characters, world and ideas of the first book to an extent that is fully worthwhile. However, the ultimate payoff is not yet seen in this novel and there are the odd rough patches where the glimmer of storytelling magic fades a little. For all of that, if you want an epic fantasy novel with solid characters, a tormented main protagonist and magic galore then this is something you must read.

In this novel we have the introduction of what several of the previous plot points mean and the ending, while not fully rewarding, opens up a whole new Pandora's box in this fantastical world. Kip, the bastard son of Gavin Guile, discovers the monster that his grandfather Andros Guile, truly is and on the other hand Gavin Guile fights with the fact that he is slowly losing his power, his life and the woman he loves. That all said he might have the issue of a war between his Chromatorium forces and the massive amount of colour wights that exist, among them some characters the reader was led to care about in the first novel.

If you're into the length of fantasy epics and enjoy getting lost in a magical world then I think this is the book for you to check out. I can state that I do not believe it is of the quality of some epic fantasy that I have loved. But it has one of the more interesting main protagonists and in my eyes, one of the strongest magic systems I have seen. For the combination of ingredients, I say that it has to rate highly on my list of top fantasy series...